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The Panacea soap from The Saponifist has a fantastic natural scents that makes the showering experience amazing, even before the soap is wet — it doubles up as a 'home fragrance' in my little bathroom when exposed and dry, especially when the soap is very new. The blend of essential oils has a very good balance of sweetness and depth that is both uplifting and sensual, totally comparable to other expensive apothecary brands in existence. The lather is just right and the very gentle exfoliating quality (from the chrysanthemum petals) feels good on the skin. I have to keep it properly ventilated and drained from moistness so it could last for a good 1 month+ with medium use, but that is normal for all cold-pressed soaps. Panacea leaves a subtle scent on my skin, but never the dry 'tight' sensation after use. > Jun Kit, http://uglymalaysiana.blogspot.com

Well.. I got the soap 2 weeks ago... If I say it's good, it will be a lie... because it's VERY VERY GOOD!!! via facebook. > Besh Wong via Facebook

With Saponifist soaps, you know you’re getting good-quality ingredients and every piece is a labour of love. I like their natural scents as well as exfoliating and moisturising properties. They cleanse and wash off well and leave no filmy substance. Leaves skin feeling silky smooth. > LY, former user of unnatural soap and will never go back there!

Try this, you will not feel sorry for what your money have spend.Its really make an old minded ppl like me to know there is really a different between soap, shower gel and GOOD SOAP.Just a simple word,i shower more each day with this soap(keep missing the feel after bath). > Steven Ooi on Nostrum via Facebook

A week almost passed and I must say, I am very pleased with the result. Firstly, I just love the smooth feeling on my skin after washing my face with Nostrum. Nice smelling soap too. The face oil tincture really helps to calm down my zits. Mind you, my acne  is the large cyctic  type and I am so pleasantly surprised that the tincture could combat the  the huge ones in a matter of days. By the way, I have also been applying the essential oils on my teenage son's pimply face. It works wonderfully for him too. He is a very happy boy, now that Mommy has finally found products that are effective as well as very easy to use. There is no more need for other types of toners and blemish gel and mosturiser, which are cumbersome skin care routine. > Happy Mom via email

I have been battling acne since I hit puberty 15 years ago. It’s been a long long battle with facials, oral medications, about 10 different cleanser brands, topical creams, diet changes but here I am, at almost 28 years old and still have acne. I guess I’ve got really sensitive skin and all those chemicals just cannot do much for me.
So a couple m0nths ago, I randomly Googled for local handmade soaps. I figured that handmade soaps wouldn’t contain all that harsh chemicals and would at the very least help me to clean out my pores while keeping my skin preserved from sensitivity. There were many small establishments out there but one specifically caught my eye. It was The Saponifist.

I placed my order for 2 soaps and one bottle of essential oils. Nadya Lee, the owner of this little establishment, was very kind in replying to all my queries and even shared with me her personal experiences. Before long, my items arrived and I could barely hold myself ripping the packaging apart. So exciting!

I started out with Nostrum for both body and face. What I especially love is the little specks of mung beans & coix seed still present in the soap. Awesome gentle exfoliating action going on. I also feel my skin getting less dry right after showers… and in turn less oily a few hours down the road. The Remedium soap is also lovely in reducing inflammation especially when I have periods of massive breakout.
Right after every face wash, I’d rub in 3 drops of the Tincture onto my face.
It may sound super weird rubbing oil into an oily acne-ridden face. But hear me out. I found out that my skin was actually really really dried out by regular cleansers I’ve been using for years. And in order to balance out the dryness, my skin over-compensates by producing toooooo much sebum/oil leading to the clogging of pores and in turn, acne. I was a little nervous at first and put off using the Tincture for about a week. Then I took a deep breath and bit the bullet.

I’m now down to the last quarter. Proof enough that this is amazing? It soothes any sore or inflamed spots. Best of all, for me at least, it leaves no oily residue after rubbing it in well. Within the first 10 minutes, the oil has soaked in and I feel really fresh.

I’ll be going back for a new order very soon to replenish my loot. I cannot ever see myself going back to cheap bottled soaps or pricey branded cleansers. For now, I’m sticking with The Saponifist. > Jayne, http://tenacioustinkering.com

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