Unscented Goat’s Milk Soap
100g ±

An udderly no-frill bar formulated with Goat’s Milk for it’s skin moisturising and softening goodness. Unscented with a natural hint of caramel, it’s made for the lactose loving Cleopatras who wants to pamper their skin with something a little more decadent without head throbbing aroma. This neutral formula is also ideal for folks with eczema, kids, pregnant mothers and those who need a little extra TLC.

Ingredients: Oil of Olive, Palm, Castor, Coconut; Beeswax; Distilled Water; Sodium Hydroxide; Goat’s Milk
Price: RM23.00

Chrysanthemum & Licorice Soap
100g ±

A floral bar formulated with Chrysanthemum blossoms to soothe stressed and tired skin after a day’s work. Doubles as a mild daily exfoliator, it also contains Licorice to balance out uneven skin tones and Geranium essential oil to regulate male and female hormones. It is also suitable for those who have bouts of heat rashes and those who seek relieve from pesky itchy eczema. Try it instead of your usual calamine lotion.

Ingredients: Oil of Olive, Palm, Castor, Coconut; Beeswax; Distilled Water; Sodium Hydroxide; Chrysanthemum; Licorice; Essential Oils
Price: RM23.00

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Patchouli & Mint Soap
100g ±

Originally formulated for a Water Baby, this bar is great for those who’s constantly exposed to damp fungal thriving environment. Made from anti-fungal Patchouli and Tea Tree essential oil, it’s a must-have for the sweaty Gym Bunnies or anyone longing for some hippy love.
Ingredients: Oil of Olive, Palm, Castor, Coconut; Beeswax; Distilled Water; Sodium Hydroxide; Patchouli; Mint; Essential Oils
Price: RM23.00

Face Oil
30ml & 5ml ±

A light and quick absorbing face oil formulated with Jojoba for daily hydration. Aids in making skin more supple and toned with a blend of soothing and balancing essential oils. A godsend for acne prone skin and a must have for healthy skin. Also works great as an after-shave oil.
Directions: Place 3 to 4 drops on palm. Distribute evenly on face and gently press into skin.
Ingredients: Jojoba Oil and Essential Oil
Price: RM58.00 for 30ml and RM20.00 for 5ml

Hydrating Body Oil
100ml & 30ml ±

A medium weight body oil blended with a Sesame Seed base and essential oils to moisturise dry skin. Perfect for massages straight out of the bottle and non-staining. We love it on the whole body right after shower and during cold and dry spells in the office. This nourishing oil is also great for scalp massages and hair treatment.
Directions: Dispense desired amount unto palm and massage into skin after shower.
Ingredients: Sesame Oil and Essential Oil
100ml RM65.00 (Add RM4.00 for a rubber pipette dispenser. Due to the nature of essential oils, we advice to use up the content promptly upon switching to this dispenser)
30ml RM31.00 

Moustache Oil
30ml & 5ml ±

A light and non-comedogenic oil for glorious beards and moustaches, it is formulated with non-greasy Jojoba and a blend of hair promoting essential oils which are great for beard growth and conditioning. Also give it a try on thinning hairline or sparse eye brows.

*Note: Results can be seen from 1 week to 3 months, but vary individually. For maximum absorption, avoid using occlusive preparation made with petroleum based ingredients on surface of skin prior to application.

Directions: Dispense 3 to 4 drops on palm. Distribute evenly on area where hair growth is desired, after shaving. Use twice daily and consistently for faster results. For beard and moustache conditioning, apply as needed. May be used on hairline and eyebrows. Do not use near eyes.
Ingredients: Jojoba Oil and Essential Oil
Price: RM58.00 for 30ml and RM20.00 for 5ml

Lymph Draining Body Oil
100ml & 30ml ±

A medium weight body oil with Macadamia Nut oil base and essential oils to drain lymph fluid. Works great together with a detox or fasting programme, this diuretic blend of Juniperberry and Grapefruit aids in reducing water retention. Use sparingly as a body moisturiser or generously in a lymph drainage massage. 

Directions: Dispense desired amount onto palm and gently massage into skin. Massage in the direction of lymph flow, from the extremities towards the collarbone for best results.
Ingredients: Macadamia Nut Oil, Vitamin E and Essential Oil
Price: RM87.00 for 100ml and RM35.00 for 30ml

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