Welcome to our soap lab! We specialize in formulating cold process soaps that are free from synthetic additives with the best botanicals we can find. What makes our soaps special is that you will find a generous dose of 50 percent Olive Oil in every bar.

Our soaps carry the aesthetic concept of Victorian pharmacopeia with a quirky twist and in an era where personal cleanliness is not just a necessity it is also a luxury. Hence all of our soaps are skillfully handmade using the cold process method, superfatted sufficiently and incorporated with therapeutic botanicals and oils for a pleasurable experience.

Our soaps are environmental friendly too as they biodegrades and are phosphate free. We take pride and integrity in our product as we believe in a greener and milder yet wonderful solution to your daily cleansing regime and we hope to rekindle the fondness of using soap once again.


Growing up in a Chinese baby boomer family meant being constantly reminded of war — to fear it, and how to survive it. It also made my mother try her very best to instill the importance of skilled talent in all her daughters. According to her, if future uncertainties were to come upon us, we as the fairer sex would have what it takes to survive.

Fortunately for me, I just love making things and with encyclopedias as my best friend, I came to believe in the ‘You-Can-Learn-Almost-Anything-From-A-Good-Book’ (and now the Internet) mantra. My favourite is the Make and Do book, Volume 11 of the Childcraft series. I’ve made dresses for my doll, fondant, soap sculptures (hah) and even performed magic tricks.

Soap-making came to me out of the blue one day while I was reminiscing about a trip to a quaint little soap shop. I didn’t really take fancy to the soaps at that time, but I loved the jars of herbs for soap-making on display. I thought about giving soap-making a try since I’d already had a head start with essential oils and have always enjoyed making homemade beauty treats for myself.

Maybe it’s my affinity with chemistry or maybe it’s just plain addiction — like any other soap-maker I fell deep into the rabbit hole. I spent countless hours researching on herbs, combination of oils and anything on soap-making. My goal was and still is to find the ultimate recipe for something indulgently green, does its job and something I myself would choose to use in a heartbeat.

And I think I've found it, but it doesn't stop my ongoing quest to improve on it — the Virgo in me will never settle for anything less.

Now, when I look back and think about the many things I’ve made, I realized I couldn’t have done all that without my pair of trusty hands. And to that, I’m so very grateful and would love to raise a toast of absinthe to them as they have shown me the true definition of handmade things... and I hope so for you too :)

Nadya Lee

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