Hey folks, yes we’re still alive and around and here’s an overdue update of what’s happening.

We’ve gotten ourselves a live Munchkin about 4 months back and we must say she’s not business friendly. Because we have decided to placed some commitment on this little creature like any other pets, business needs to take a back seat for now. We won’t know when we could be back full steam, but we would like to fill you in on what’s our plan.

Ah yes soaps! We won’t be soaping much as off now, stocks are while it lasts, yes we know Christmas is coming. So no Humbugs for this year. We will still be making soaps for our own and may have some for sale but it will be more off an ad hoc seasonal type, whatever ingredients we have.

We’re still blending oils but limiting it to full sizes only. All the 5mls is while stocks last. And yes our Tonic Sprays will still be around.

So that’s for now and we’ll keep you posted on our progress!

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